About Me

I Believe

I believe that every human being is capable of achieving the impossible. When a person achieves the impossible, real personal growth happens. Without growth, life is boring. I want to experience life and all that it has to offer with as much energy and passion as possible. I want to live in a world where everyone around me feels the same way- because that inspires and motivates me, even if our goals are completely unrelated. Reciprocity.

I also like feeling like a super-hero every day. Overcoming tough challenges creates personal power. The best feeling in the world is feeling like I can accomplish anything. It humbles me and makes me not worry about the trivial issues that come up day-to-day. That mindset allows me to live a low stress and sustainably happy life which I have full control over. That is true freedom.

I’m hoping to share and inspire others, just like others have shared and inspired me. Through knowledge and familiarity of an experience, comes the desire and ability to overcome.

Cheers to a limitless life!

Professional Biography

Peter has worked in Pharma for over 17 years, in all aspects of IT and digital marketing. He has lead multiple, large organizational change initiatives, vision alignments and other strategic leadership projects across a global enterprise. He is experienced in leading an IT organization across the entire Life Sciences value chain, from R&D and clinical operations to the commercialization of product. He has experience working in large, mature multi-national pharma companies and also at small biotech startups. He is entrepreneurial and relentless in achieving goals.